Room for You

Full Book series! by Beth Ehemann

WOW, I absolutely loved this series!

This series is a 3 books series. Room for You and Room for More, then a novella Room for Just A Little Bit More, that closes out the story.

*You must read them in order! It’s one continuous story. * Since I do not want to give away too many spoilers, I will talk about the series as a whole, instead of each book, so you’ll still want to read them!

Kacie is a 24-year-old nursing student and a single mom of 5-year-old twins. She helps run the Cranberry Inn with her mom. Brody is a famous hockey star who, because of poor judgment and lousy weather, lands him stuck in the mud right at the Inn. Let the sparks fly…

Kacie hesitates about starting something with Brody when she learns about his famous status and, despite her attraction to him, she holds off, making Brody really work at trying to get her attention. The book starts in the off-season, so he has all summer to win over Kacie and the girls.

I have to say, the thing I loved about this series is that it’s not all about giant grand gestures (he’s got money, obviously), it’s a million little everyday things that have the most impact. For example, when Brody lets the girls paint his nails and does his hair, or buys Kacie every single type of shampoo because she doesn’t know what she likes (you’ll swoon in the story… I promise!) this stuff had me reading the book with a giant perma-grin.

They face some obstacles and self-doubts, like Kacie’s terrible past with her ex, so damn heartbreaking to read, and then add in Brody’s best friend’s wife, the ultimate mean girl to Kacie. I LOVED when Brody stood up for her! Although, I wish she could stand up for herself… The story seems like it wraps up in book one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect in book 2. Holy moly, book 2, the ex? Yup, he resurfaces, and I have to say I cringed. The story didn’t go at all as I expected in the turn of events, leaving me pleasantly surprised, but wow, was it a good one! Everyone gets their HEAs and it all wraps up beautifully.

The series is sweet, sexy, and swoon-worthy. This series gives you all the feels!

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