The Sweetest Fix- Tessa Bailey

Looking for a great Sunday read? Check out my newest Ladywood book review… The Sweetest Fix.

It actually took me several chapters to get into this book, but by saying that… once I was in it, it was so good!

The plot: Leo, a surly baker and the son of a theater dance mogul, is sought out by the desperate to get a second chance dancer, Reese. After one hot and heavy first meeting, Reese changes her intentions and decides not to use Leo to get to his dad. LOVE IT!

Their two-week whirlwind romance was intense and satisfying, oo-ie their heat level was so damn high! 

Normally, I am not one for the deception and lying to your other trope, but Tessa did this right, and it actually made sense in the story. Which wouldn’t be a love story unless it blows up in your face, right? Oompff, when it does… OUCH. I think I actually winced reading the fallout. Then came the win back… not at all what I expected, and let me say 10x better! Leo was absolutely perfect, and he had me at sorry… nevermind Reese!

However, this heroine holds her ground and doesn’t run off into the sunset with him and oh my god, it nearly broke my heart. The tenacity of Reese is something else, let me tell you. She 100% did the RIGHT thing! Don’t worry, they get their HEA… it’s just delayed a bit and for good reason. I like, no LOVE that Reese needed to figure things out on her own first, way more admirable. 

Although I was a bit slow to warm up to this book, by the end I couldn’t stop reading it. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a quick read on a dreary day as a pick me up. So grab your kindles or order a copy… and get some wine or tea, coffee, whatever you want!

P.S. You will have a pastry craving reading this book. I recommend anything chocolate!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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