Wait with Me

Author: Amy Daws


What took me so long to find this author? This was book 1 of 4 in the series. It will NOT be my last. The story was so realistic that I was 100% sucked into it. I devoured this book. I loved her writing style, the humor, and the heat. 

The premise- A smutty romance writer, Kate Smith, AKA- Mercedes Lee Loveletter, is suffering from the big WB (writer’s block) when she suddenly finds her inspiration while waiting for her car to be serviced. The words pour out of her like the oil going down the drain, and Voila, she sneaks in day in and day out for weeks to get through her deadlines. (If you’re a writer… you know you need to write wherever you’re inspired!)

A deliciously hot mechanic, Miles Hudson, notices the woman sneaking in and out and ‘befriends’ her all while hoping for a little action, despite the ‘we need to stay friend’s, because I have issues’ line he spouts. They develop a dangerously flirtatious friendship until they break the rules and go for the keep it casual approach. Friends with benefits is easier said than done when mixed signals arise, and Kate’s trail of lies is bound to destroy what they have. 

I recommend this book if you want a fun, laugh out loud romantic comedy with heat. So load up those kindles or order the paperback from Amazon, but either way, this is a read you want to get into. 

No judgments if after reading this book you are suddenly volunteering to take the car in for the it’s seasonal maintenance 😉

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