The Bromance series

Author: Meghan Quinn

Okay, full disclosure, Meghan Quinn has topped my list for favourite rom/com author, I started reading her books just over a year ago and there isn’t a book/series I haven’t liked, and I have barely scratched the surface of her collection!

Buckle up ladies and welcome to the bromance club! Let me introduce you to Bram, Roarke and Rath. Three smart, handsome, successful and filthy rich men… Oo-ie there is someone for everyone, and ladies, these guys do not disappoint. This is the first of many series I am going to be reviewing. I am going to do things differently with series books. I plan to review them together instead of filling your inbox weekly with the same author, plus we all know we read the series like an addict- back to back…

Book 1: The Secret to Dating your Best Friend’s Sister

Bram is our sweet and spicy bachelor number 1. As the title suggests, our leading man has a thing for his BF, Rath’s little sister. Bram has been pining after Julia since he first laid eyes on the awkward tube sock wearing girl at his Yale frat party, but Julia has seen nothing but a gorgeous playboy in Bram and turned him down the one and only time he had the courage to ask her out.

So how does our lucky bachelor gain access to the ‘off-limits’ and uninterested Julia? By losing their annual fantasy football bet. Yup, this year it isn’t money on the line, that’s way to easy for these guys… instead they bet ridiculous tasks they are contractually obligated to do (these guys don’t mess around!) The stakes are higher than ever, when the loser has to commit to Julia’s rigorous dating by colours program. Three bachelors and a dating program, no one wants to lose this time… except our dear Bram (but that’s a secret) who just found the perfect opportunity to coax his way into Julia’s daily life.

Since Bram doesn’t actually have a vested interest in anyone other than Julia, he haphazardly goes along with her crazy dating questionnaire (this may bite him in the spectacular ass later…) After some serious time together, sexy talk, and some swoon worthy ‘dates’, Julia finally realizes who should be with Bram…

Trouble might be in paradise when an unexpected visit from big brother Rath leaves Julia in absolute panic while Bram could care less. Rath takes a surprising stance when the warning not to break any hearts is directed at his sister. (100% is a true bromance).

Unfortunately, Bram’s indifference to Julia’s very long and odd dating questionnaire reveals a serious dilemma when Brams colour doesn’t coincide with her own, making it impossible for Julia to see a long-term future for them. Julia has sworn everything by this algorithm and her own system failing on a personal level is devastating. Should have done it right Bram! (tsk tsk…)

Although, in the end, Julia realizes she doesn’t care about the colours, she just wants Bram. She goes to reconcile, but it turns out he retook the test (truthfully) without her knowing and they got complimentary colors! Happy endings for everyone.

This book flashes back to their college days and pulls you through their history. Bram will sweep you off your feet with his sweetness and his high heat in the bedroom 😉

Book 2: Diary of a Bad Boy

Roark McCool… Our Guinness filled Irishmen with a hot head and fast fists. He may have left the frat house, but it never left him. Thanks to his ill temper, he’s already landed in some hot water and needs to complete community service hours, anger management classes and that includes keeping a diary (hence the title). A simple late night hot dog was all he wanted, instead, he got into a fistfight… and stumbled into innocent Sutton Green, and somehow, in the unexpected brawl, her phone gets mixed up with the Irishmen’s with the hot as hell accent. A simple meet up to exchange their phone’s back is all she needs, but Roark isn’t so eager, leaving Sutton chasing him around Manhattan like a crazy woman.

Sutton’s annoyed, frustrated and desperate to get her phone back after days of broken meetings and ignored messages. Roark leaves her no choice but to crash his business lunch, which turns out to be with her famous retired football father, Foster Green. Having to sit and suffer through lunch with them, Sutton learns Roark is her dads brilliant and very successful top sports agent. Foster enlists Roark in helping Sutton plan the gaining goals annual fundraiser to finish his community service hours. Forced time together is exactly what these two don’t need, but the more time he spends with her, she slowly breaks down his tough exterior.

Roarks’ dark past has him so closed off to see anything good he commits every mistake and asshole move, pushing Sutton to the brink. He knows he is no good for Sutton, she’s the epitome of a ‘good girl’ and yet he can’t stay away and Roark can only hold out for so long. He finally break downs when he’s stuck on the ranch in a dry county and Sutton has never looked so damn fine… and a little healthy competition may be the kick in the balls he needs. Now if only he can come clean with her dad. Sutton is hesitant, being a daddy’s girl, and convinces Roark to hold off until she has the chance to tell her dad after the fundraiser.

We all know how the “hold in the secret turns out”… It 100% blows up when they accidentally bump into her dad on a date in manhattan. Sutton panics and shifts away as if Roark and her are nothing, giving way for the gentleman next to her to make a move and when the guy Roark gets overly handsy his temper gets the best of him (again), right in front of Foster. Everything comes crashing down and brings all of Roarks’ self-doubts to light. It’s a hot mess. Not even his best friends, Rath and Bram, can save him this time.

This is a slow burn that makes you sexually frustrated for Sutton! I would have given up long before she does… But she sticks it out and gets her man back. Go girl! Bad boys who turn good… Woo-ie, love it!

Book 3: Bossman Bridegroom

This has to be one of my all-time favourite MQ books. I love Rath and Charlee and I may have read this book more than once 😉

Fake engagements, sassy grandma’s and the uptight boss with the unfiltered assistant who packs fun size skittles in her bra to bribe people with? Yup, you read that right… Who wouldn’t want to read this?

Charlee Cox is exactly the type of assistant who can take down the cutthroat businessman Rath Westin. Her crazy ways, dance parties and colour themed days are enough to drive Rath into submission until something goes terribly wrong with Charlee or, shall I say, her quick-witted, smart- sassing grandmother (who absolutely steals the show!)

Wise grandma can spot the attraction between the two, with the beaming ray of hearts and flowers jetting from their eyes, despite their denial. She hatches a plan to get them together.

When Charlee unexpectedly takes off work for mysterious reasons (coinciding with a small confession of sorts from Rath) he is concerned. It turns out Charlees grandma is in poor health and has moved in with her. Despite his resistance to her, he can’t help but realize she’s the perfect assistant and can’t lose her. Rath goes into protective mode knowing how close the ladies are and wants to do everything he can to help them, and in turn,it just might push his no diddling the assistant rules right out of his 88th floor office window. His plan certainly all goes to hell when Charlee tells him she was left at the altar with no proper explanation and her grandmother’s only wish was to see her marry… Cue the ‘fake’ engagement. Except neither of them want it to seem fake, so they give it their all, surprising themselves. Their heat level is off the charts, and OMG Rath is 100% swoon worthy. Dirty talking, all-action badass Bossman with a heart of gold.

But as all good ‘fake’ relationships go, someone isn’t up for the rules of the game, and both of their pasts definitely come back to haunt them. When the truth’s revealed, the heartbreak is devastating! It leaves you wondering how can they get past it… The only downfall of the book is that Charlee is a little wishy-washy with the engagement at some points which makes me shake my head.

I highly recommend this series, you will laugh, cry and have some ‘hot flashes’… Everyone of these book boyfriends is worth the read and what I love about the bromance series, all the characters pop in and out of the books, which is great as you get tiny snippets of their continued stories.

So tuck the kiddos into bed, run the tub, or tuck into your favorite reading spot and grab that glass of wine and indulge in some new book boyfriends this weekend 😉

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