Next in Line

Amy Daws

This is the follow-up book to Wait with Me. Our lead characters are Sam and Maggie. Sam, you will recognize as the BF and part owner of the Tire depot (book 1) and Maggie is Mile’s little sister. (This is isn’t revealed right away, but when it is… oh boy! You’ll have to read it to find out how/why).

So how is it these two meet? At Marv’s bait & tackle. Yeah, that’s not a joke. Maggie is a fish out of water. She has no clue about Ice-fishing, gear or even dressing warmly in the cold winter of Colorado. A few locals mock her, and let’s just say it doesn’t go well. Derogatory remarks slung at Maggie ends up having Sam jump in to save her from the onslaught of insults and humiliation (although she was doing a great job standing up for herself). After pulling her out of there, they head into the attached cafe to calm down.

This is the first real chance they get to size each other up and neither of them is shy about it. So when Sam asks what Maggie is doing or trying to do with ice-fishing? It’s obvious she hasn’t a clue. Maggie says she’s on a self-proclaimed journey to be more adventurous. Sam feels like there’s more to the story, but since she’s feisty and hot as hell, he’s intrigued. What does he do? Takes her ice fishing, of course. Hours in a tiny tent, on the ice… let the lust build, but who can only have one date?

Maggie, twenty something and acts like it. Selfie, Insta queen, not to mention, she’s hiding secrets all over the place, including why she’s in town. When she finally confesses to Sam, she’s trying to win her ex back (he dumped her because she was too boring and basic… yeah, I want him back (NOT)) by doing all these crazy things like ice-fishing, Sam is actually willing to help her win him back!

After a few adventurous dates, the attraction is real, and it doesn’t help when it’s finally revealed that Maggie is Mile’s sister and officially off limits. Somehow they agree to play it cool as if they never met? Kate (Mile’s GF) is hoping and encouraging Maggie to hook up with Sam, not knowing their history, and eventually convinces her to just have fun. Sam is a strict, no-relationship guy, so he’s not entirely opposed to the idea of a casual hook-up, until her ex actually shows up and then the shit hits the fan.

So here’s what I love about the book: SAM! OMG, he is absolutely book BF, heart swooning, drop your panties kind of lover. He goes from the typical hang and bang bachelor to the ultimate non-boyfriend/boyfriend. The whole ginger, rugged ice-fishing, ice-climbing, camping, get your hands dirty kind of guy… DAMN, it’s a thing!

What wasn’t so great: Maggie’s storyline. She takes way too long on the whole ex-boyfriend angle… like 3/4 of the book, even after she’s sleeping with Sam. UGH… girl, move on! Stay on Sam mountain (if you know what I mean ;0

Heres my sum up:

Was the book funny? Absolutely.

Swoon-worthy: Start fanning…

Spicy: 5/5

Worth the read? YES!

I recommend this book for a light weekend read or taking on vacation as I did. Amy Daws certainly has a way with the blue-collar working class that’s for dang sure… Hope you enjoy.

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