Colleen Hoover

Admittedly, this was my first Colleen Hoover book! I know…how can I blog about romance books and not have read anything by her?! Seriously, if you look at any of the aisles in the bookstores, her books dominate the shelves and online. TEN of her books are on the best-selling list! Everything this woman touches turns to gold, but curiosity got to me, and as a new writer myself, research is vital. Secretly we all want that kind of notoriety with our writing (no matter what genre we’re in).

What made me choose this book? I love a good suspense book. It’s my other favourite genre besides romance, and it’s been a while since I read something other than a happy rom-com. A book that’s labeled a romantic suspense/ thriller, yes please!

The nitty gritty: Lowen is a thriller author, hired by Jeremy Crawford to help finish his wife’s book series. Turns out his wife is the incredibly famous, Verity Crawford. Verity was in an auto accident months ago and left in an incapacitated state. Since Lowen is coming in blind, and Verity is unable to give her any details, or direction on the books, Jeremy suggests she stays at the house to go through her notes and memos to find the information she needs to complete the series. Cue the romance portion of the book! Jeremy and Lowen have an attraction to each other but also this deeper connection like they’re both searching for something that they never quite had. It’s a slow build as expected since he’s married, but the heat in this story is HIGH! Now, before you get your judgy pants on about a married man cheating, READ the book!

Back to the main story line… During Lowens research she stumbles across a manuscript that was never meant to be seen, an autobiography of sorts and even though it’s not what she is there for, Lowen finds herself sucked into this book and it’s horrific. (That’s all I can say without spoilers). Lowen finds herself in a bind. Does she reveal it to Jeremy or keep it hidden away?

Photo credit: Goodreads

The wrap up: Now after reading this book I can say I have a pure love/hate relationship with it. It’s a book within a book, it’s dark, twisted and an ultimate mind fuck. What really happened? That’s the thing… you will literally NEVER know! The way the book ends leaves you wondering which version of the story is the truth. Letting the readers decide which truth we want, is both brilliant and mean. My option is A, but you’ll HAVE TO READ it to decide if you agree or disagree. My only drawback is the trigger warnings, it’s some messed up shit! I found it difficult to read without wanting to throw the book or worse DNF, (But I did finish because, it’s freaking good!)

By the way Hollywood, I’m sure if you haven’t already looked at it… this is what movies are made from! Someone needs to make this if it’s not already done. Personally, the vibes I got from this book are ‘what lies beneath’ crossed with ‘Misery’… Yeah, it’s that good!

Grab a copy for your weekend read! P.S drop a comment on your thoughts or visit me on instagram or tiktok:ladywoodreadersclub

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