Man Candy

By: Melanie Harlow

This is the first book for me by this author. I came across Melanie’s name through a live chat I was watching on Instagram with Amy Daws and C.C Monroe. I grabbed my kindle and a long list of books came up! They all look steamy and it was exactly what I was looking for. Why did I choose Man Candy? Um, after my last read (thank you, Colleen Hoover) I needed something light and smutty! This book is exactly what I was looking for. This is the first book in the After We Fall series.

“Quinn Rusek was one piece of fine man candy, and I had a sweet tooth for him that wouldn’t quit.” 

Melanie Harlow

If you’re looking for high heat, a bit of dominance, brother’s BF, and the girl’s NOT so willing to fall in love with the super hot guy living in her downstairs apartment, and he’s determined to make up for their past. This is the story for you! Check out the full review below.

Who are the MC’s? Jaime is a non-committal, love is for suckers kind of gal, and Quinn is a famous male model.

These two have history! Jaime and Quinn go way back to childhood. Quinn is Jamie’s brother’s BF, and Jaime was madly in love with him back in high school, but he did not reciprocate (awkward…) Ten years go by with no contact until Quinn moves back to town after re-evaluating his life. Tired of hotel living while his condo is being renovated, his BF, Alex (Jaime’s brother) offers up the empty apartment underneath his sister.

Although Jaime is reluctant to have Quinn stay with her, well underneath her 😉 she doesn’t have the heart to deny her brother the favour. Embarrassed and humiliated by Quinn in high school, she is harbouring some pretty tough feelings towards him. Jaime is absolutely dead set on avoidance and pretending that Quinn doesn’t get her all hot and bothered, which pretty much falls flat the second she walks in the door and there he is with wide open arms. Looking delicious and more than just a piece of candy.

It takes ZERO time for them to be in bed, but Jaime lays down some strict rules. NO DATING. It’s a sex only relationship (Ha, yah right!) Quinn doesn’t buy Jaime’s “Love is a crock of shit, and people who believe otherwise are temporarily deluding themselves.” So he dares (yes, dares) Jaime that he can make her believe in love.

The good, the bad and the meh…

SEX, SEX and more SEX!!! Pages and pages of hot, searing, panty melting sex. I would say this is on the smuttier side of reading, with a good storyline mixed in. NOT A BAD THING!

Quinn pulls out all the stops to make Jaime believe in love; He is funny, sweet, charming, and for some god-forsaken reason, he plays along with Jaime’s ridiculous rules without backing down or giving in.

I like the story. It’s plausible, and the characters are cute. They waste no time jumping into bed, which we already know Jaime’s been wanting forever (even she can’t deny her attraction to him), but the secret is… so has Quinn. The only thing that stopped him back in high school was loyalty to her brother. I like the friendships between Jaime and her girlfriends, very real and I love their unwavering GNO.

The meh… Too much of whineritis from Jaime! So much inner battling and refusal to admit her relationship with Quinn. Seriously, chapter after of chapter of “I like him, and we’re good but I can’t get involved” was a bit much for me.

Yes! I would recommend this book. It’s great! And the dating without realizing you’re dating with the hot as hell guy who will do anything for you, including following your rules and trying to make you fall in love… Um, yup, I’ll take it. Although, if that is not what you’re into… but you want something to read that makes your nipples peak and your Ladywood stand at attention? Then this is it also! Happy reading….

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  1. Stephanie says:

    It certainly sounds like a steamy read! While I’m not usually one for smut (I don’t mind a well-written open-door scene in a romance, but books specifically designed to focus on spice aren’t my thing), I do have so many friends who LOVE these kinds of books. It means I have a great suggestion for them when the time comes 🙂

  2. This certainly sounds like a proper steamy read (not complaining haha). Thank you so much for sharing this book with us and writing such an in-depth review. I’ll have to check this book out! Xo

    Elle –

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