The Last Guy

Authors: Ilsa Madden-Mills & Tia Louise

“I have two weaknesses in life: a muscular backside so toned you can bounce a quarter off it, and Mexican food.”


I’m with you, girl!! This book was super cute, with a good heat level in all the right places. It claims to be an enemies-to-lover romance, but I found it more like off-limits co-workers with a dash of bitterness from our heroine. 

Rebecca Fieldstone is a reporter looking to move to the anchor desk, but a few on camera mishaps and post-breakup weight gain (we have all been there…) have the executives wondering if Rebecca is the best show for ratings… Yikes! What absolute judgy a$$holes! However, it’s probably more true than not in the world of media. 

Cade Hill (“killer” his nickname) is the ex-NFL superstar turned sportscaster, and he has absolutely no issues with Rebecca’s curvy figure and would love nothing more than to show her that, except Rebecca is a co-worker and seems to be hell bent on hating him. Maybe it’s for the perfect athlete’s body he has or the ass that you could bounce quarters off, or maybe it’s because he got the job based on name and not merit? Guess we need to dive in…

Gimme the goods…

Rebbecca, or ‘stone’ as Cade calls her, is a woman on a mission trying to compete with the young, fresh twenty-something Savannah (whom her boss is pushing for). After a brutal meeting where her boss calls out her ‘appearance’ and practically fat shames her in front of Cade and her producer Vicky, she is humiliated and livid. She drowns her sorrows on a night out with her bestie, Chas, at a drag club where Chas is doing the performance. While she’s wallowing in her sorrows, the last person she expects to walk in the door is Cade. 

Heavy drinking and not-so-subtle flirting have them heading straight to the bedroom! Dang, it’s a good night! Unfortunately, the walk of shame has Rebecca doing a serious back pedal and claiming it to be a one night only special while Cade is hoping for more.

Cade is no quitter. He’s willing to win over Rebecca and keep her in front of the cameras, one field report and one taco at a time until she’s unable to resist their chemistry anymore. Maybe she can have it all?

The good, the bad, the meh….

 The good– The start of the book pulled me in. It was so easy to get into. It was funny and likable. I love that it features a plus size heroine! The on-air mishaps had me laughing, and I read the book with a smile! I liked the storyline, the plot and the characters were relatable, and the heat level was spicy which balanced the story well. 

The side characters, Chas and Trent (Cades brother) were entertaining and added to the likeability of the plot. Cade’s family dynamic felt real and brought a lot of the story. 

The meh-  It was a little predictable, but nothing that would stop me from reading or not recommend. There is little angst or drama between the main characters, which made it a straight forward read. I didn’t find it that much of an enemies book because it was only in the beginning and only on Rebecca’s side. 

The bad– I felt the endings rushed. I would have liked to have it just a teeny bit longer, or another scene or something just to close it up a little better. 

Overall, I’d say this checked off all my boxes.There isn’t anything in the book that was a red flag. No trigger warnings unless you want a clean romance (this is not that🔥🔥) and the book moves well. You can certainly fit it into a one day read if you have the time or spread it out over the weekend. 

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  1. This book sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing this great review. Also, check us out at to see what we are all about!

  2. Great review! This sounds like a really great read, it’s not what I’d usually pick up but I love the workplace setting and it’s awesome it features a plus sized protagonist (more books need to do that!). Thank you so much for sharing x

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