Let’s get textual

Author: Teagan Hunter

Let’s get textual is the first of four books in the series, each title is a play on a throwback pop song. I admit super cute and it drew me into the books (probably because I am old enough to get the references, 😂) The premise of the story= a simple text to the wrong number. Seriously, it’s happened to all of us at some point or another. Usually it’s sorted out in a response with a who’s this? But what if it didn’t?

What’s the story?

The book actually starts off with Delia and her college boyfriend Caleb splitting up in one of the most amicable break ups I’ve read. One of those were better off friends type of relationships (which here’s a first- they actually are😲) Not exactly where I expected the story to start, but it left me wondering where it was going and how this plays into the story?

Delia shortly there after gets an innocent text asking if she’s still in for dinner. Thinking it’s her brother who can’t seem to keep a number, she immediately responds yes. When she receives a confirmation text, a little red flag goes off. Her brother is a little more on the flaky side.

When Zach tries to set up a business meeting, it shocks him when a sassy woman is on the other line instead of his prospective business investor. The mix up costs him his deal and he is less than thrilled with Delia on the phone. Somehow the witty banter they share has them to continue to text and after Zach tells his investor the mix up story, it actually lands him the deal!

As expected, the story is mostly told through texting. It starts off witty, fun, and flirty. Delia finds comfort in the casual banter they share and looks forward to the texts. The ping of her phone has her instantly wanting to text back. So cute, right? That new relationship status, with a complete stranger, gives you that little excitement over a simple message, even made me feel the contagion of the cutesy message exchange. As their relationship progresses, they move to phone calls and even have a phone date. They somehow Delia wants to get a baby goat as a pet and then Zach (with little convincing) gets one for them. They barely met! In fact, they don’t actually meet or know any information about each other until mid-way through the book, although he comes to her rescue a few times, even though never really met her but has taken a protective stance.

The Good, bad and meh…

The good: Loved the concept! Honestly, the entire concept of a wrong number gone right is a great meet cute. The relationship or friendship with the ex, Caleb, at first I was like Um, I don’t think so. But somehow it works in this story. I really enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. Zach’s family is adorable! OMG I loved his parents and I want to go their thanksgiving. (Yes, I know it’s made up)

The meh: The text was a little boring to me. I found some of it just okay. The goat? Alright, he gets a goat because she suggests it as a pet and they hadn’t even met yet… To me, this was kind of off the rails. Maybe it was the timing or maybe because it’s a baby goat in the city? I don’t know. It read more like early college love. There was some heat, but it was not the driving force of the story. I actually expected more heat considering the cover.

The bad: The ‘mis-understanding’. Seriously, it’s seen a mile ahead. It was a little frustrating to read, although the win back was adorable, so I guess it’s balanced a bit.

A text meant for someone else and ends up being a fun, flirty time? Yes. I really liked this storyline. It can honestly happen to everyone and with people sliding into DMs all the time now, it can actually happen, so if you’re still looking for love, don’t brush off those messages!

Other books in the series: I wanna text you up (book 2)

Can’t text this (book 3)

Text me baby one more time (book 4)

Happy reading! And as always, if you like the review, then leave me a comment.

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  1. Great review! I hadn’t heard of this one before but it’s such an interesting concept, I love the texting storyline. Misunderstandings are so annoying though! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts x

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