Last on the List

Author: Amy Daws

Cozy Barlow
Dead From a Good Dickin’


Oh, Amy… this is the last book (book #5) in the Wait With Me series, and it’s sooo good. The unconventional nanny and the single dad! I love single parent rom/coms, A ‘ zaddy’, and a plus size heroine that’s sassy and funny, and I’m pretty much hooked. Cozy and Max are so damn adorable. I can’t even with this book.

Now, as I said, this is book 5, and I actually skipped between them. Not for anything else, but I really wanted to read this. I didn’t feel like I missed anything in the other stories, nor did I feel like it ruined this one. Will I go back and read books 3 & 4? ABSOLUTELY! I really love Amy’s writing and this series, I will review the others, or hopefully, you’re reading them too.

What’s the story?

Max is a single dad to eleven-year-old, Everly, and for the first time since she was a toddler, he is spending the entire summer with her (his ex is filming out of the country). Being the CEO, he can’t quit working for the summer. He needs to find the perfect nanny. Max isn’t exactly looking for just a sitter, the nanny needs to be top-notch and hyper-focused on making sure his daughter stays on top of her activity-filled calendar. Max isn’t the only picky one about the nanny. Everly seems just as bad as her dad and puts the kibosh on most of them. Max is at his wits’ end with the agency he hired to find him someone. They promised him one last candidate, but he already has serious doubts about the candidate when she’s late for the interview.

When Cozy (Cassandra) blows into the interview late, looking like a windswept mess in her tie-dye loungewear, spouting a “why do more when you can do less?” New life philosophy, Max thinks, this has to be some practical joke. He is almost certain she is certifiable and not the least bit reliable or capable of caring for his daughter. Everly, however, 100% sure the go-with-the-flow attitude is exactly how she wants to spend her summer. Everly, hires her instantly, leaving Max in a conundrum. Since he’s out of options and time he reluctantly agrees to the summer of freedom.

Everly and Cozy spend the summer, lounging by the pool, daydreaming and doing simple kids activities making Max realize that the unconventional nanny might be exactly what his family needs. Cozy is fun, funny and down to earth, and way too tempting to not fall for. Only one problem, Max and Cozy are everything each of them despises. One big storm changes everything for them and what’s supposed to stay casual, well… famous last lines right?

The good, the bad & the meh…

The good: Sooo many things! First is the comedy factor. Cozy is absolutely hilarious, “Mind the lack of gap,” is One of my favorite lines in the book! Let alone her entire FUPA conversation laughed out loud, hardcore.

The entire single dad and nanny trope loved it. The way they get to know each other and build on their relationship to the relationship between Cozy and Everly, just freaking heartwarming. The book is more than just about the main characters and their hot-as-hell attraction to each other, it’s also about family and friends and the plot line really focuses on it. The spice level in this book is hot AF.  Loved the plus-size heroine, she owns it and there is a touch of insecurity but the body positivity is so good to read! I liked how each of them realizes how to move past trauma and heartbreak to rebuild themselves and each other.

The bad: Max is ultimately too perfect. (I know?! is that even a thing?? Yes… he needed a flaw somewhere.) I didn’t love their fight. I get why, but I kinda was super angry at Cozy. Like girl c’mon! The kink reference? Didn’t love it…

The Meh: Honestly not too much. The only spot I found slightly sticky is a bit of the backstory for Cozy. Don’t want to give details, but I think it could have been a bit sooner, but nothing else. The book felt longer than the others.

“Make no mistake, you aren’t a convenience fuck, Cassandra. You are a dream fuck.”


Check out the series and as always let me know what you think!

  • Book 1- Wait with me
  • Book 2- Next in Line
  • Book 3- One Moment Please
  • Book 4- Take a number
  • Book 5- Last on the List

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  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing!

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