Ladywood Readers Club: Top Reads from 2022!

What a year 2022 was. So many good books. Here is a list of my top 5 favourite reads for this year and if you haven’t yet read them here’s your chance to add them to your last-minute wish list!

5. The Sweetest Fix- Tessa Bailey

A Ballerina and a Baker? What’s not to love…

This story was adorable. Leo and Reese had undeniable opposites attract magnetism that had you rooting for them all the way. Reese is a down-on-her-luck dancer and Leo just happens to be the son of a broadway mogul. When she blows her one chance to audition for him, she sinks into desperation and searches for her only chance to get back in front of him, through Leo. That is until her conscience takes over and she decides to back out of her plan, but after meeting Leo, she’s not ready to walk away.

It’s fun, a quick read, and has a great plot. Plus I love a heroine who doesn’t back down! Unlimited

4. Verity- Colleen Hoover

This is not your usual romance book. This is romantic suspense and what else could we expect from Colleen Hoover than brilliance?

First off, a book with a book? Loved it. Jeremy and Lowen have such an unconventional start to their relationship (definitely not a meet-cute.) This book leaves you will some spine-tingling moments and I have to say it’s spicier than I expected.

I kinda have a love/hate relationship since it’s dark and twisted, and it leaves you with an ultimate mind fuck. You have to read it to understand what I mean. Now with that said this book comes with a shit ton of trigger warnings and I admit it was a difficult read for me, (I almost DNF’d it!!!) but I finished it and it really was so good. /Kindle Unlimited

3. One True Loves- Taylor Jenkins Read

This book was like nothing else I’ve read this year. It’s a dual love story that tears at your emotions and begs you to ask yourself if you could choose between the love you lost and the love you found.

It has an array of subplots including family drama, finding oneself and of course two love stories so powerful you fall in love with both of them. I found myself torn between choosing Emma & Jessie or Emma & Sam.

This really was a fantastic read and one that I might even read again. Unlimited

2. Wait With Me- Amy Daws

This is the first book in the Wait With Me series. This book was hilarious. Super sexy, fun, and all inspired in a tire shop. Kate and Miles have a fun, flirty friendship that could only lead to more. Their friends add layers to the book and it leaves you dying to get to the next book in the series which I highly recommend reading (they’re all great!)

And it’s about to be a movie thanks to PassionFlix. You can check out all the details if you follow Amy on her socials! Unlimited

And the No. 1 spot goes to…

1. Bossman Bridegroom- Meghan Quinn.

Alright, this is an oldie but a goodie. What makes this my number one?

Honestly, when ANYONE asks me about a laugh-out-loud, spicy AF, and pulls-on-the-heartstrings book this is it. I have read this book probably 4x now and I still laugh. Rath and Charlie will give you couple goals with their unconventional fake relationship. Errr. Engagement. All while maintaining their quirky boss/employee professionalism. It’s quite the conundrum they have gotten themselves into and it’s 100% worth staying up late at night to read. Although I caution reading anywhere you might burst out laughing.

This is actually the 3rd book in the series but it can be read as a standalone. Kindle Unlimited

Happy Holidays and let’s hope 2023 is filled with plenty of GoodReads!

You can check out the full reviews of all of these books listed in my past posts if you want more details or check out the links to get a preview of the book.

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