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Author: Emily Henry

READ THIS BOOK! That’s it review is done.

Just kidding, but seriously read it. I loved this book. The plot line, the script, and the characters. I can absolutely see why it blew up #BookTok. It wasn’t even on my radar as I’m really focusing on indie authors, but I was at the library with my kid and it happened to be staring at me from the shelf, yelling READ ME! So I did and on a time crunch since it was a borrowed book. I couldn’t put it down.

What’s the story?

Nora Stevens is a badass, best-in-the-field, book agent with an A-type personality. Everything is calculated, she knows who she is, and what wants or doesn’t want. Including men. She keeps her love life on a temporary basis, she has no time for someone who can’t understand her quirky traits or insane love for NYC.

Nora’s only weakness is her baby sister Libby. So when Libby faces a state of crisis with her impending 3rd baby, she begs and pleads for a ‘mommy’ break. One that includes a well-calculated ‘last-minute’ girls trip to Sunshine Falls, NC. The setting of one of Nora’s Clients’ best-selling books. This is the absolute last thing Nora wants to do, but since she can’t refuse her sister she begrudgingly agrees to go and play along with Libby’s wish to live out a real-life romance novel that includes a must-do list of activities, like horseback riding, wearing flannel, meeting a hot cowboy type, etc…

What’s not on the list is Nora running into her nemesis Charlie, in this town he swore was not worth the ink on the paper and even less impressed with her client’s book when he called it “un-readable.” Yeah, their first impression does not have sparks flying. Daggers, maybe.

The Good, The Bad & The Meh

The Good:

SOOOO many things! Hands down my favorite thing in the entire book was the banter! It kept me whipping those pages over. The banter not only between the sisters (total GILMORE GIRLS style) but Nora and Charlie’s was even better. It’s sarcastic, fun, and witty.

The slow-burn longing and broken rules of workplace etiquette, yes, please! There’s this tease where you get little bits along the way instead of screaming KISS already to the book.

The Bad:

Alright so this is super nit-picky, but the way the dialogue is printed in the book was just a font change as opposed to using a lot of dialogue stages and in the beginning, it took me a while to adjust and to realize oh wait they’re talking now.

The Meh

As a mom of 3, I can say taking three weeks away for a girl’s trip would NEVER happen. A weekend, maybe LOL. It does come out in the end as to why, and I really do love the ending! But, I kept thinking ya right!

Find a way to buy or borrow this book it really was fantastic.

Where to buy? Everywhere! But here’s a link to Amazon, so fire up that kindle or order a paperback.

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