Confessions of a Smutty Romance Author

Author: Kelsie Hoss

Well, you can see why I picked this one, the title. CONFESSIONS OF A SMUTTY ROMANCE AUTHOR who wouldn’t be curious? And it’s a book about a romance writer who doesn’t believe in love. Now that’s got me hooked.

What’s the Story?

Mara Taylor is on a career-high, her latest book- ‘Swipe Right’ has not only been such a hit it’s being turned into a movie! Actually, 2 movies or so the deal goes, until Mara goes off script during a television publicity event and sort of reveals she doesn’t believe in love. A huge disappointment to her romance fans and as you can imagine the studio is not happy with her live revelation and ultimately pulls the plug on the 2nd movie-that hasn’t started production yet.

Her hot career is spiraling faster than she can control. Her only hope is the suggestion to find a fake relationship, and say that she lied, under the pretense of ‘it’s new and she didn’t want to make a big deal about it or scare him off.’ Now if only she has someone willing to take on the role under public scrutiny. Mara has a heavy list in her little black book, including her normal booty call guy Hayden, but since they’ve kept things under wraps, it would be a little too suspicious. But Jonas is a mutual friend who is a sweet, dependable, accountant (boring) guy that might just be able to pull it off.

Jonas isn’t interested in playing the role of a fake boyfriend, but he’s basically begged to save Mara’s ass he’s at least willing to her hear out. And when his mom wants to do her dialysis at home he finds a way that this arrangement might benefit them both. But will the world believe the biggest backpedal?

The Good, The Bad, The Meh…

The Good:

Another plus-size body-positive heroine! Mara knows exactly how to handle her curves and how the men she dates enjoy them. This book was different because Mara was a PLAYER, she has a booty guy and a long list of on-call guys in her little black book and the story starts off hot and heavy. The book is steamy in all the right places.

The friendships with Henrietta and Birdie loved it. Her girlfriends are just as important in the story as the romance. Jonas’s family. OMG, all of the scenes were just so well written I loved them.

The Bad:

Okay, hear me out on this one- I loved Mara and all her flaws and she has a lot of them, she makes mistakes, big ones and it was amazing to see until it isn’t… There’s a certain point when they break up and let me say I almost yelled at the book because 100% I disagreed it was allllll her fault and Jonas had every right to be pissed (Please read it cause I need more opinions).

The Meh…

It felt long. It also felt like I was reading the same I can’t do relationships dialogue way past when it needed to be – mind you the flawed character is the best when they come around and she does but it takes a long time. Jonas is too much of a pushover. I feel there are a few times he needed to kinda snap or put his foot down.

Men they’re great to look at. To write about. To talk to (sometimes). To fall in love with? Not so much.


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