Author: Samantha Whiskey

I’ve read one or two of her books before I started book reviewing and will definitely be returning. ASHER is standalone but also involves all the major players in the Carolina Reapers series.

What’s the Story?

Asher Silas is a young billionaire whose only indulgence is his monthly poker games with his other billionaire friends. (Okay this sounds meh- but it gets so much better) like eccentric billionaires do they don’t generally bet a lot of money at these games, instead, they bet on experiences, properties, and gut-wrenching things they don’t want to lose. Like when Asher loses a hand and has to have a romance author shadow him for an entire month as research for her new book.

When Daisy enters Asher’s office in her colorful 50s pinup style dresses and delicious curves he knows he’s screwed right off the bat. An entire month of her is going to prove hard like he is after he catches a glimpse of what she’s writing. A hot and heavy sex scene based on him hits all too close to home and the image may as well live rent-free in his head.

Daisy knows Ashers is a hot billionaire, with all the right sex appeal, perfect for her latest hero in her romance book, but she needs more insight for authenticity. She expects to be following a shallow playboy, but what she doesn’t expect is his tight schedule, and lack of social life- except his poker nights, and certainly does not expect his warmth and his heart. A month of amazing dinners, exotic locations, and steamy sex scenes (in her head) will eventually spill off the paper, right?

The Good, The Bad, The Meh…

The Good:

They have this amazing chemistry right from the first second on the page. Asher’s dirty thoughts on her are not the slightest bit hidden and there are no head games since it’s inner dialogue. They slip up a few times trying to ‘work’ things out for her book, and I love it. Truth be told I loved Daisy. She’s independent and strong and not willing to take crap from people as a self-published author.

They have this hot office/romance sort of against the rules but is it? She’s not his employee and they have no real reason not to…

He falls first! OMG, the minute he sees her in her vintage outfits and curves he knows he’s screwed there’s no way he’ll resist her, and it’s only a matter of time.

Alright, this is a first for me but I liked their reason for the breakup! It was 100% on point and I absolutely agree with Daisy. I’d have been furious also. More so for the attitude, he put out first but the other stuff too. And don’t worry they get that ultimate happy ending, it’s simple but exactly how it should have ended and I loved that it didn’t drag out.

One of my favourite quotes is from Asher’s POV after their ‘break up.’ This is so on point to a gut reaction and so damn relatable. I kinda loved it.

Everything fucking sucked. The flames in the outdoor fireplace crackled as I nursed my second glass of bourbon, staring over the stupid fucking mountains from our stupid fucking private house that stupid fucking Ethan owned on his stupid fucking hundred acres outside the ski town.


The Bad:

His mother- she’s an asshole. Yup, I said it. Samantha Whiskey has made a truly terrible judgemental mother and I absolutely hated her. I feel sorry for Asher let alone Daisy.

The only other thing I’d say wasn’t the greatest was the first chapter, I found there were too many names and it was hard to keep up plus it’s one of the guys’ poker nights and it just seemed to read like a bunch of careless rich jerks – it’s not and you learn more throughout the book, but everything after that I loved.

The Meh:

I have more questions than answers at the end of the book (all about the other characters like did he confront his mom? did they finally kick the douchebag out of the poker games? etc…) Maybe it will be answered in the next book- if there is one.

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