Faking Ms.Right

Author: Claire Kingsley

This is one of the first books in my 30-day reading challenge (check out my socials for more details) and my first book from Claire Kingsley and let me say I loved it! It reminded me of my absolute go-to book which is high praise so well done! FAKING MS. RIGHT is book 1 of 4 in the Dirty Martini Running Group series.

Let’s Dive in…

Everly is the executive assistant of Sheppard Calloway to say they were opposites is an understatement. Everly or ‘sunshine’ as she’s nicknamed not just because her favorite color is yellow but because she is positive, bubbly, and like a ray of sunshine. Sheppard is well…not. He doesn’t speak, or make eye contact, he’s emotionally stunted and ice is warmer than he is, but all of that is about to change when Sheppard breaks off with his gold-digging GF, Svetlana. As a nice parting present he sends her off to Hawaii for the ‘heartbreak’ but when she shows up at a charity event a few weeks later, on the arm of his father, he just about dies!

His father has no idea about their history and although he wants to tell him, the gala honoring his dad is hardly the place to make a scene. When his dad asks where Sheppards date is, he panics not wanting Svetlana to think he’s single. He’s sure this is all a rouse to work her way back into his life and she’s trying to use his dad to get even. He does the only thing he can think of, calls on his assistant to come and rescue him as his date. On the upside to the revenge plot is that Svetlana already dislikes Everyly and had been suspicious of her before since none of his other assistants have lasted more than a year, except her.

Everly has her own reasons to go along with the fake dating plan, at least temporarily, but when she starts to see a different side of Sheppard, she realizes things may not be as fake as they seem, and before they know it things are spiraling out of control.

The Good, The Bad, The Meh…

The Good:

I loved it. Their fake dating was both cute and kind of awkward, the opposites attract trope was spot on, and OMG the storyline… the ex dating the dad? So cringy and yet amazing. I feel like these two were all into it right from the beginning and I really liked how his family saw right through everything from the beginning and no one thought it was ‘fake’.

I liked the build-up. Fake dating becomes real dating and all the while the only rouse is themselves. Classic.

The spice! This is definitely ladywood approved 😉

I loved the end. Their families, how the book ends, and how he wins her back. ALL of it was so good, I felt like I was giddy reading it and there’s nothing better than that feeling when reading a book, emotionally hooked.

The Bad:

Everly’s storyline and her sisters’ request (which I left out of my blub here for a reason, because even I was like uh- no. Not a chance in hell.)

The Meh:

The keeping the secret from his dad, I mean obviously there wouldn’t be a book without it but I was like uh… ew.

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