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Welcome to the club! As you can see this is a book blog all about romance books… They range from sweet to SPICY.

I use my Kindle for most of my reviews. The unlimited is 100% worth the subscription if you are an avid reader who doesn’t want to carry around a lot of books. I love my paperbacks, and I will add them to my collection. If you’re in the market for one, check out the link.

FYI– I don’t give away a lot of spoilers in my reviews… What’s the point of you reading it, if I give you every juice detail? So grab a copy and get reading 📚😘.

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LRC Blog

  • I Like You Like That

    Rockstar romance? Check this out. Read more

  • Eight Perfect Hours

    Author: Lia Louis I read this story during the ‘holiday break,’ as if it was much of one with the kids home, entertaining, and the never-ending cooking and cleaning! The holidays can be stressful so taking out a little bit of time, right before bed for me, is when I can unwind and lose myself…… Read more

  • Ladywood Readers Club: Top Reads from 2022!

    What a year 2022 was. So many good books. Here is a list of my top 5 favourite reads for this year and if you haven’t yet read them here’s your chance to add them to your last-minute wish list! 5. The Sweetest Fix- Tessa Bailey A Ballerina and a Baker? What’s not to love……… Read more

  • One True Loves: a novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid

    Ladywood Book Reviews Okay, I’m posting this review very late… I read this on vacation at the end of October, but life has been hectic lately, and I have been focusing on editing my book to get back into the query races (more on this in another blog).   Alright, so let’s get into it. ONE…… Read more

  • How to Stop your Holiday Budget from spiralling out of control!

    I LOVE the holidays but man, they are EXPENSIVE! No matter how much we try to reign in, it adds up. This year the costs of everyday basics have gotten so high that it’s making us think how to cut on extras, and the holidays come first to mind. When the hubs and I had…… Read more

  • Fall Fest…

    Fall Fest…

    Here we go. The mornings are cooler, and the afternoons feel like summer! Pumpkins, Thanksgiving and Halloween are front and center in every store (or at least here in Canada.) It’s fall.   Fall is my favourite season. Aside from the soggy weather, there are so many things to see and do. In Canada we…… Read more

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