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Welcome to the club! As you can see this is a book blog all about romance books… They range from sweet to SPICY.

I use my Kindle for most of my reviews. The unlimited is 100% worth the subscription if you are an avid reader who doesn’t want to carry around a lot of books. I love my paperbacks, and I will add them to my collection. If you’re in the market for one, check out the link.

FYI– I don’t give away a lot of spoilers in my reviews… What’s the point of you reading it, if I give you every juice detail? So grab a copy and get reading 📚😘.

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  • No funny business

    Author: Talia Hunter When famous chef, Kade, comes back to his hometown for a short summer break, the weather isn’t the only thing leaving Natalie hot and bothered in the kitchen. Did I mention they are exes? Ohhh, nothing like that second chance at love gone awry the first time around. The slow burn, steamy…… Read more

  • The Bet- Max Monroe

    Currently reading: No funny business – Talia Hunter A hot chef heating up the kitchen of his ex? Yes, please! Read more

  • Mourning Wood Review…

    Mourning Wood Review…

    She’s hard up… He’s just hard. Heather M. Orgeron Read more

  • Paper vs. electronic?

    Paper vs. electronic?

    Let’s talk organizers! Are you a dinosaur like me and use an agenda? Or have you moved to the ease of the smart calendar? As we welcome the fresh start of a new year, we often make new goals, ideas, and new ways to stay on top of our work/family/life balance. Usually, it starts with…… Read more

  • Goodbye 2021…

    Goodbye 2021…

    Read more



    Holy crap what a week! Was anyone else ready for Friday by like Wednesday? This week was especially busy. The end of my semester & PROGRAM!! is officially over in 11 days! What a crazy 6, yes 6, years it has been. I have one final assignment due next week, which as you can guess…… Read more

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