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“The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling.”

Cecil B. DeMille

In the query process… It’s a long and hard road, but I hope an agent falls in love with Millie & Jake as much as my Beta readers & I did!

Sneak peek:

Single mom, Millie Harte, never meant to meet anyone on a girls’ trip, but one night, no names and no strings attached might just change everything. Her mystery man shows up months later, changing the rules of the game by wanting more. Millie can’t deny her attraction and feelings, but being burned by love and unable to escape her ex, she must decide if she can take a chance to get the future she always wanted. After all, this time it’s more than just her heart on the line.

Baseball player Jake Parsons never expected to be traded to the Toronto Twisters baseball team, but when he comes face to face with the woman who got away, it just might be the best thing that happened to him. The chase for Millie’s heart is on, but things aren’t as easy as their core melting attraction. Jake’s lifestyle and career, and Millie’s baby daddy drama, might jeopardize their future? 

What’s Next?

New Project: I started working on a reverse harem, stand-alone, spicy romance!

Status: Almost done draft 1 😉

Title: I’ll break the rules for you (working title)

I know that’s a long way off from having it in reader’s hands, but getting the first draft done is the hardest part! After that it’s tweaking, finessing and the dreaded EDITING! Once those gigantic tasks are done, then I will send it out to beta readers (I love this part! It’s terrifying and exhilarating to have the first set of readers look at your work!)


After a tragic night out, Lexi finds herself a widow at the young age of twenty-six. Unable to remain in her past, she’s moving on with the help of her twin sister Lauren. Lexi knows she won’t ever recover from losing the love of her life, but she’s rebuilding her life and discovering how to date again. She has only one rule, keep it simple, except the men she dates have different ideas. A simple fling is never enough. Can any of them make her rules come crashing down? The friend turned lover? The best man? Or the boss’s brother? Which guy will compete with the ghost of her past to become her future? 


Welcome to my other Blog. A spot where much like my real life, it’s a mess. This is a general momlife blog, which focuses on holding it together with caffeine and duck tape and no shame.

Fall Fest…

Here we go. The mornings are cooler, and the afternoons feel like summer! Pumpkins, Thanksgiving and Halloween are front and center in every store (or at least here in Canada.) It’s fall.   Fall is my favourite season. Aside from the soggy weather, there are so many things to see and do. In Canada we…

The path to becoming an author?

Alright, it’s been a hot minute since I started this journey! I asked myself recently what have I really accomplished in writing? I am new to the writing community and I feel it! You want to know what it takes to become a published author? So do I… What I have learned is it’s so…

Paper vs. electronic?

Let’s talk organizers! Are you a dinosaur like me and use an agenda? Or have you moved to the ease of the smart calendar? As we welcome the fresh start of a new year, we often make new goals, ideas, and new ways to stay on top of our work/family/life balance. Usually, it starts with…


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A little about me. I’m married and a mom of three young active boys and we have one over spoiled but loveable cockapoo, Max. Yes, I am definitely OUTNUMBERED… It’s a tough gig, but I love it.

When I am not busy working or in mom mode, I am engrossed in my writing, or with my nose stuck in a book. Hence the idea of reviewing books! I mine as well put my love of reading to good use and help our Indie authors like myself to gain some exposure. Please read along with me and don’t forget to leave your own reviews.

It’s not just all about reviewing work, I am learning what it takes to become a published author! Gah… a dream or reality? We shall see… come follow along with me.

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.”

Dolly Parton

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