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by: Madyn Rose

Looking for a hot romance read? Check out my Ladywood readers’ club blog.

Love laughs and Ladywood are the three factors I review books on. You will find an eclectic mix of old, new, and well-known & INDIE authors. A brilliant book is always what I am looking for.

I use my Kindle for most of my reviews. The unlimited is 100% worth the subscription if you are an avid reader who doesn’t want to carry around a lot of books. I love my paperbacks, and I will add them to my collection. If you’re in the market for one, check out the link.

FYI– I don’t give away a lot of spoilers in my reviews… What’s the point of you reading it, if I give you every juice detail? So grab a copy and get reading 📚😘.

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Every Avid Reader



The One Night- A Novella

Author: Meghan Quinn It’s March break here which means the kiddos are home and my me time is basically down to NIL. If you’re like me needing just a slight bit of reprieve but knowing I’m never getting through a full book then check this out. Meghan Quinn’s novella, The One Night is a funny,…

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Confessions of a Smutty Romance Author

Author: Kelsie Hoss Well, you can see why I picked this one, the title. CONFESSIONS OF A SMUTTY ROMANCE AUTHOR who wouldn’t be curious? And it’s a book about a romance writer who doesn’t believe in love. Now that’s got me hooked. What’s the Story? Mara Taylor is on a career-high, her latest book- ‘Swipe…

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Book Lovers

Author: Emily Henry READ THIS BOOK! That’s it review is done. Just kidding, but seriously read it. I loved this book. The plot line, the script, and the characters. I can absolutely see why it blew up #BookTok. It wasn’t even on my radar as I’m really focusing on indie authors, but I was at…

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