The One Night- A Novella

Author: Meghan Quinn

It’s March break here which means the kiddos are home and my me time is basically down to NIL. If you’re like me needing just a slight bit of reprieve but knowing I’m never getting through a full book then check this out. Meghan Quinn’s novella, The One Night is a funny, sweet, and still a perfectly steamy quick read. I literally read this in like two hours which as a busy mom is sometimes just what I need.

What’s the Story?

It’s the holiday season and Cooper Chase is having a rough year, he’s in a job he hates and his divorce has been finalized. He spends most of his lonely nights hanging out with his parents, “helping” them, but his parents have had enough, and after a hilarious intervention and far-too-strong eggnog they decide to take him for a night on the town, “to look for a nice girl.” That’s right… everyone’s worst nightmare, your parents are playing wingman/woman.

Decked out in their tackiest Christmas wear they head into Seattle for a big night out. Hoping to derail his parents Cooper opts to take them to a dive bar (that lives up to its name) The Dirty Beaver, where after only moments inside his parent’s laser in on a black hair lady at the far end of the bar and to his dismay they decide to go over and introduce themselves. Cooper is mortified when his parents take thing into their own hands and decide to go meet her, “lay the ground work.”Forgetting social etiquette except what Cooper doesn’t know yet is that’s it’s not just some beautiful stranger they’ve embarked on it’s Nora, his childhood friend and unfortunately his ex-wife’s BFF. (The one who introduced them…)

The Good, The Bad, The Meh…

The Good:

Pretty much all of it. I really loved this trope, falling for the ex’s BF- Big NO NO. This can go so good or so so bad…

Cooper’s parents are freaking hilarious. Wait until you read about the Christmas outfits. Speaking of Christmas this was so cutesy-holiday.

Nora and Cooper are adorable and their night is something I’m sure you’d want to happen! The one perfect date night on a non-date. I wish I can say more about it but it’d give it away and I really want you to read it!

The Bad:

It ended too soon. LOL. No, but really it ended exactly where it needed to I just wish there was more somewhere because it was so damn fun to read.

The Meh:

Now I have to read THE REUNION which is the full-length sequel to see what happens. Just add it to the MQ TBR pile.

If you must know… I’m currently grabbing an Uber to The Dirty Beaver where our parents are going to attempt to be my wingmen because they feels it’s a necessity to insert themselves into every aspect of my life.


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