The Bet- Max Monroe

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ladywood review…

Ladywood Heat level 5/5 steaming big ones. 
Love and Laughs 3.5/5 
Okay, right out of the gates, I am going to start with HOLY O!
This book is about orgasms. Starting in the first chapter without even being touched. Yup, he’s apparently that good. Jude and Sophie’s story is unconventional when they meet at a strip club while pretending to be different people. The attraction between them is off the charts. Jude pushes the limits as far as he can and Sophie eagerly follows for this non-stop sex-capade (Think 50 shades). It’s dirty, raunchy, at times cringe worthy. Um, sex-club…
The plot line: The shy girl needs to build confidence, and the playboy is only looking for a good time. Jude convinces Sophie to keep things casual, until someone falls for the other and the inner war begins. I commend Sophie for gaining a spine and finally ending things instead of chasing him. It really turned my thoughts on her character. I love when I see characters working to redeem themselves and not have a simple ‘sorry’. The couple gets their HEA, but now Sophie holds the power! 
The only thing that drove me nuts was Sophie’s constant brainless acts. It drives me crazy in books when the female lead character loses all brain power just because a guy with a seemingly magic dick is near. The one example is at the event that could be a huge potential business advantage because she’s too wrapped up in her own game to consider the consequences. In the end she redeems herself, making me like her despite the rocky start.
Since this was the first book from Max Monroe, the Winslow bros are new to me. There are references to returning characters from a previous book, which I learned was Scoring the Billionaire, Winnie’s story. I should probably have started with that one, but it didn’t really matter to the story, but it makes me want to read the rest of the series. I will read more from this author. 

Currently reading: No funny business – Talia Hunter

A hot chef heating up the kitchen of his ex? Yes, please!

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