No funny business

Author: Talia Hunter

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

When famous chef, Kade, comes back to his hometown for a short summer break, the weather isn’t the only thing leaving Natalie hot and bothered in the kitchen.

Did I mention they are exes? Ohhh, nothing like that second chance at love gone awry the first time around. The slow burn, steamy chemistry and sexual innuendos are perfect between them. A hot kitchen, exes and a new fake engagement are the significant storylines that give it a light fun feel. 

The story premise is that Natalie fires her crap-tacular pseudo chef the night before her one and only huge private event. Natalie’s friend Gloria knows Kade is in town and asks him to help his old flame. Reluctantly, he agrees. Natalie isn’t one for the restaurant business and can’t cook at all. She confesses she’s selling the place to relieve her financial pressures, and she wants to put her journalism degree to use. Kade agrees to help, but we all know it’s because he wants to spend more time with Natalie. Obviously, he’s nowhere near over her and it’s mutual.

Things take an awkward turn when a skeezy couple, Kade recognizes as a drug lord, tries to strong arm her into a lowball sale. Kade worries for her safety and suddenly blurts out they’re engaged, hoping his celebrity status would protect her.  

Kade needs to work through his own dark past to give Natalie what she needs when things go from fake to real. 

 I laughed out loud several times with Natalie’s dialogue. She’s spunky and quick-witted. This story is adorable, sexy and fun. I really enjoyed reading it.

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