30-Day Reading Challenge

I’m doing it! I’m attending my first-ever author signing event (as a reader) next month & I’ve decided to try to read as many authors as I can from the list and there is a lot of them. If you follow my socials then you know I’m committing myself to a 30-day reading challenge with this specific list of authors.

Photo credit: Wild and Windy in the City Event

Author Signings

Have you ever been to one? This is my first ever and from what it seems, it’s going to be like Fan Expo for readers, in this case, romance readers. I only learned about this event about a month ago when I was checking out my favourite author’s website for her events in hopes that there’s something close enough that I could make it to. Turns out there is a lot of them, both near and far. Most of these events happen all over the States and a few in Europe like the one in London, UK which I desperately wanted to go to since the UK has been on my bucket list since I was a teenager, but it was ridiculously expensive. And for a mom on a budget that wasn’t an option.

After some research, Chicago was my top choice based on the author list. Although I am curious about the Philly event and maybe Las Vegas because well who doesn’t love a trip to Vegas? But for right now the Wild and Windy event won out based on its many authors that I’ve already read and loved, plus a few of my faves like Meghan Quinn, Amy Daws & Tessa Bailey together in one place! Now if I can contain myself and not fan-girl out that’s the real challenge!

Have you been to a signing? Help a mama out what should I expect?

On a personal side note, I think this is a good investment as a writer, this is an inspiration for me to work hard and maybe just maybe one day I will be at an event like this but on the author’s side of the table. My book baby does come out this year… gotta have dreams right?!


Now to be fair I’ve read a few of these authors already as you can see from my past blogs and book reviews without knowing they were part of this event. This is one of the reasons I chose to go to this specific event because look at all these fabulous authors!

On my socials, I said I’d already read Meghan Quinn, Amy Daws, Melanie Harlow, and Heather M. Orgeron but it turns out that after going through my past posts I needed to add a few more so here’s my pre-challenge list of authors with their book titles and since I read these a while ago the reviews are up on the Ladywood Readers Club blog.

  • Jessica Prince – Bad Alibi
  • Tia Louise- The Last Guy
  • Teagan Hunter- Let’s Get Textual
  • Melanie Harlow- Man Candy, *Forked- I read last week as part of the challenge.
  • Amy Daws- Wait with Me Series ( I read 4/5 books so far)
  • Tessa Bailey- The Sweetest Fix
  • Heather M. Orgeron- Mourning Wood

Meghan Quinn- Soooo many books!!!! And I still have some loaded in my Kindle and the hubs bought me Untying the Knot which I have not had a chance to read yet… not all of these are reviewed mostly because I started reading these before I started my blog but let me assure you, they are all worth reading. Port Snow was the series that got me hooked!


Highland Fling

A Modern Gentleman

The One Night


The Virgin Romance Chronicles

Port Snow series (4/4 books)

Dating by Numbers series (3/3 books)

The Bromance Club series (3/3 books)

The Vancouver Agitators series- Kiss and Don’t Tell. (1/4 books)

Billionaire Rom Coms- A Not So Meet Cute (1/4 books)

Books Up Next

My Kindle is loaded with these right now for the challenge so that’s at least three more I hope to add to the list!

Claire Kingsley- Faking Ms. Right

Adriana Locke- Fluke

Harloe Rae- Wrong for You

When I finish these I will add more titles and at the end of the month, I will tally them up and see if I made a dent in that giant list! I will be adding as many books as I can through the Ladywood Readers Club blog but you can always follow along on my socials and if you have a recommendation from one of the authors use that get in touch section!

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